Himalaya Mentat Syrup Uses and Benefits

What is Himalaya Mentet Syrup?  Himalaya mentate syrup is an ayurvedic medicine made by Himalaya Drug Company. This medicine is available without doctor’s prescription. This medicine is mainly used to treat mental illnesses. Children who urinate in bed at night can also consume this medicine. Apart from this, this drug has been used successfully in … Read more

Himalaya Shallaki Uses & Benefits

What is Himalaya Shallaki? Himalaya Shallaki is an Ayurvedic medicine made by Himalaya Drug Company mainly used in problems like joint pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The main inredient of Himalaya Shallaki is the herb called Shallaki. Shallaki is also called Loban in common language. The amount of this medicine is determined based on the … Read more

Diseases Symptoms Causes and Treatment Related to Digestive System

Diseases related to digestive system Friends, our body is a very strange creation of God, which consists of brain, heart, digestive system and nervous system. If we talk about the digestive system, then it is a very important system of human body, because whatever food we ingest gives us energy through the digestive system and keeps … Read more

Maharasnadi Kwath Uses Benefits and Side Effects

Maharasnadi kwath or Maharasnadi kadha is a scriptural Ayurvedic medicine that is made with the method of kwath.  Maharasnadi kwath is described in the Ayurvedic treatise Sharangadhar Samhita. Maharadnadi kwath mainly acts as a pain relieving medicine. This medicine is used successfully in problems such as eczema, rheumatism, rheumatism, joint pain, paralysis, sciatica, paralysis, bowel enlargement, … Read more

How to take Insulin and How to use Insulin Pen

People who are suffering from diabetes, take different types of medicines to reduce their sugar level. For this, all types of treatments like Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Allopathic are adopted by those people. If the blood sugar level increases significantly, then the diabetes-related medicine does not work properly, because a situation arises when these medicines do … Read more

Home Remedies for Thyroid Hypothyroidism

Different types of glands are present in our body. In these glands, a gland is also present in our throat which is also called thyroid gland or thyroid gland. This gland is in the shape of a butterfly and is present in the front part of the throat. Different types of hormones are excreted from this gland, which … Read more

9 things to eat to increase height – how to increase weight with proper diet plan

The height of some people does not increase due to various reasons and even after attaining puberty, their height is same as that of small children. Because of which such people are full of frustration and self-aggression. The absence of height depends on many reasons, one of which may be genetic. Children in the family whose parents … Read more

Kokum is a cooling fruit in summer – know its advantages and disadvantages

Kokum is a type of succulent fruit grown mainly in Gujarat and Goa. The effect of this fruit is cold. Consuming this fruit calms down body heat and cools the body. In summer, these fruits are also used for making syrup. This fruit is dried and used in offerings. Kokum has also been used as a medicine and a … Read more

What is the best option for weight loss – Roti or rice Weight Loss Tips

If you want to lose weight and change your diet plan to lose weight, then you must be thinking which one to skip and eat from both Roti (Chapati) and rice. Both Roti (Chapati) and rice are included in our daily food requirements, we eat roti and rice every day. Before choosing one of the … Read more

Rooibos tea Benefits & Side Effects

You must have heard the name of Green Tea, Black Tea and Herbal Tea till date, but have you heard the name of Rooibos Tea as well. So the answer will probably be no. Most people do not know about Rooibos Tea. Today in this article we will tell you  in detail about Rooibos Tea . What is Roibos Tea? Rooibos tea is a red colored tea made by … Read more