Advantages and disadvantages of Rajat Bhasma (Silver or Ropya Bhasma)

What is Rajat Bhasma (Roupya Bhasma)?

Rajat Bhasma also known as Ropya Bhasma or Chandi Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine that works mainly on renal nervous system and brain diseases. Apart from this, this drug is beneficial in diseases like gum disease, gout disease, bile outbreak, eye diseases, liver enlargement, spleen enlargement and semen problems of men. 

This drug is a very good semen enhancer. Consuming this drug provides very good benefits in diseases like memory loss, dizziness, mental depression etc.

  • Miscellaneous names: Roupya Bhasma, Raupya Bhasma, Chandi Bhasma, Rajata Bhasma, Rajatha Bhasma
  • Type of medicine: Ayurvedic metal ash
  • Major Uses : Vata and Kapha diseases, brain diseases, diabetes, dysuria
  • Key qualities: tonic, uterine cleansing, augmentation, longevity
  • Availability : It is available online and in stores.

If we talk about silver, then 9 properties of silver have been mentioned in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, silver is said to be heavy, soft, shiny, white in appearance, shiny, beautiful in appearance. Silver is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. For this, silver is first refined and after that, silver is made for medical purposes

Silver in Sanskrit is known by the names of Silver, Ropya, White, Chandrahas etc. and in English, it is called Silver. Apart from India, silver is extracted from mines in other countries of the world like America, China and Sri Lanka. Silver is the second most precious metal after gold, which women also wear in makeup.

Various names of silver Rajat Bhasma

  • Raupya in hindi
  • Silver in english
  • Rupa in bengali
  • Rupam or silver in Gujarati
  • Silver or rupa in marathi
  • Vande in Telugu
  • Argentum in latin
  • Rupees or Silver in Sanskrit

Rajat Bhasma composition

To make Rajat Bhasma from silver, pure silver is first purified and thereafter mortar is done. Therefore, different ingredients are required for refining and purifying which are as follows.

For Purification:

  • Pure silver
  • Sesame oil
  • Takr
  • Kanji
  • Cow urine
  • Decoction of kulthi

For Refining:

  • silver
  • Mercury or mercury
  • Lemon juice
  • Sulfur
  • The strike

Rajat Bhasma Medical Properties

  • It is beneficial in skin diseases.
  • It cures Vata dosha and Kapha dosha.
  • It is a semen enhancer.
  • It is a memory enhancer.
  • It relieves brain disorders.
  • It enhances the glow on the face by reinforcing the sapta dhatu.
  • It is a bile destroyer.
  • It provides benefits in liver diseases.
  • It provides benefits in uterine disease.

Benefits of Rajat Bhasma 

Rajat Bhasma benefits in nervous system diseases

Rajat Bhasma is best in nervous system diseases like headache, migraine, memory break, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dizziness, epileptic seizures etc. Rajat Bhasma is considered the best among the nervous system diseases after Swarna Bhasma. Although this Bhasma is expensive, but if it is talked about its benefits then it is necessary to consume it.

Rajat Bhasma beneficial in mental disorders

Rajat Bhasma is a successful medicine for many mental and psychological diseases. This drug is used in mental diseases like anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, insanity, feeling scared, sadness at all times, loss of appetite due to stress, hysteria etc. It is one of the best drugs for mental diseases.

Rajat Bhasma benefits in stomach diseases

Rajat Bhasma is used in stomach diseases such as loss of appetite due to mental depression, liver problems, spleen enlargement, fatty liver, peptic ulcer and duodenal disease.

Rajat Bhasma benefits in kidney and urinary infections

Rajat Bhasma is used as the main medicine in kidney and urinary infections. By taking this drug, the kidneys get strength and the kidneys start functioning properly. Apart from this, if there is an infection in the urinary tract such as frequent urination, intermittent urination or other infection, then Rajat Bhasma is used.

Rajat Bhasma benefits in respiratory diseases

Rajat Bhasma is beneficial in diseases related to the respiratory system like a dry cough or mucus cough. Taking this drug provides strength to the lungs. Due to which this drug is given to the patients of TB too, there is a lot of benefits of this medicine in this problem.

Rajat Bhasma benefits in heart diseases

Rajat Bhasma is medicine to strengthen the heart. This medicine reduces cholesterol and is helpful in cleaning the heart arteries. By taking this drug, cholesterol starts getting removed from the arteries of the heart, which makes it easier for the heart to pump blood and the heart remains healthy and energetic.

Rajat Bhasma benefits in men’s diseases

Rajat Bhasma is a well-known medicine for semen diseases of men. By consuming this drug, the semen thickens and as a result impotence and premature ejaculation cures. It is an aphrodisiac drug, and its consumption strengthens the Sapta Dhatu. With this, a person is able to perform sexual intercourse for a long time.

Rajat Bhasma beneficial in skin diseases

Rajat Bhasma is beneficial in skin diseases like skin infection and gangrene. In the case of gangrene, skin flesh rot and worms get into it. This is a very terrible disease that is not cured quickly by normal medicines. Therefore, taking Rajat Bhasma in this disease gives very good benefits.

Rajat Bhasma beneficial in women’s diseases

Rajat Bhasma is used in women for post-natal problems, uterine diseases and other diseases.

Rajat Bhasma: Diseases and Complications

Rajat Bhasma is consumed in different diseases with different medicines in different diseases. In the following table, we have described the disease and adjuvants of Rajat Bhasma.

  • Impotence due to syphilis:  with Shilajit
  • female infertility: Ashwagandha powder or with Shivlinga seeds
  • semen enlargement: With honey 
  • for enjoyment: with honey 
  • brain diseases: With ashwagandha powder 
  • epilepsy or insanity: Brahmi powder and ghee
  • Vata and bile diseases: With Triphala powder in 
  • in piles: With the husk of isabgol 
  • in eye diseases: With Triphala Ghrita 
  • Dry cough: with butter
  • In liver and spleen enlargement:  with Mandur Bhasma

Intake method and Quantity


Children (up to 5 years old) 1 milligram per kilogram of weight; But the quantity should not be more than 30 ml in one dose and should not be more than 60 ml per day.
Children (after 5 years) 30 to 65 ml grams
Adult 65 to 125 ml

Intake Method Directions

Proper timing of medication (when to take?) Take empty stomach
How many times a day? 2 times – morning and evening
Duration of treatment (how long to take) Seek medical advice

Precautions & Side Effects

  • Consumption of this drug without a doctor’s supervision and advice can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, do not take this medicine without consulting the doctor.
  • Consumption of this drug in excess can damage the intestines and anus.
  • Eat only good quality and properly made silver ash.
  • Consuming impure and raw silver ash can cause infection in the body or other problems like itching, fever, weakness, and headache.
  • During taking this medicine, the color of the stool changes slightly, so there is no need to panic.

Rajat Bhasma Availability

  • Baidyanath Raupya Bhasma
  • Dabur (Rajat (Chandi) Bhasma)
  •  Zandu (Raupya Bhasma)
  • Patanjali Divya Pharmacy (Rajat Bhasma ASS)
  • Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited (Rajata Bhasma) and many other Ayurvedic pharmacies

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