Chaturbhuj Pain Relief Oil Uses Benefits & Side Effects

Chaturbhuj Oil for Joint Pain is  a herbal oil made by the Quadrilateral pharmaceutical company . This oil is a completely ayurvedic oil, which contains olive oil, strike long oil, sesame oil and many other herbs in the middle of the chandelier of Akkara.

Quadrilateral Pain Relief Oil is a very good pain relieving oil. You can order it from any medical store or online from Amazon. This oil is present in a packing of 100ml.

Chaturbhuj Oil Ingredients

Quadrilateral Ayurvedic oil contains the following constituents.

  • Akarkara Root
  • Malla mineral
  • Malkangni seed
  • Keshar stigma
  • Jaitoon oil
  • Harttal mineral
  • Laung Flower Bud
  • Tilli Oil

Chaturbhuj Oil Uses & Benefits

Quadrant pain relieving oil is mainly beneficial in muscle pain . Apart from this, this oil is very useful for removing joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain and all types of muscle pain.

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Chaturbhuj Oil Side Effects

Chaturbhuj Pain Relief Oil is a completely safe Ayurvedic oil and no harm or side effect of this oil has been observed.

Chaturbhuj Oil Price and How to Buy

The price of quadruple pain relievers is around ₹ 300 which you can order from Amazon at a discount rate from the link given below. Many times this oil is not found in the medical stores in your market, so you can buy this oil online from the link given below.

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