Himalaya Ayurslim Capsules Uses & Benefits

What is Himalaya Ayurslim Capsule

Himalaya Ayurslim capsule is an ayurvedic medicine made by Himalaya Drug Company which is mainly used for the treatment of obesity. Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsules mainly contain herbs like Haritaki, Fenugreek, Vrikshamla and Gudmar.

All these herbs are helpful in pinging out the excess fat present in the body, due to which the excess fat present in the body decreases and the fatness of the person also decreases.

Himalaya ayur slim capsule ingredient

Himalaya Ayurslim capsules contain the following ingredients.

  1. Garcinia 300 mg
  2. Haritaki 10 mg
  3. Fenugreek 10 mg
  4. Gudmar 10 mg
  5. Guggulu 70 mg

Benefits of Himalaya ayur slim capsule

  1. This drug reduces weight.
  2. It lowers the lipid profile.
  3. It is helpful in reducing cholesterol.
  4. It prevents the deposition of fat in the body.
  5. It prevents the risk of heart disease.

Therapeutic Uses of Ayurslim Uses of Himalaya AyurSlim

  1. Obesity / Overweight
  2. High cholesterol level
  3. Have a craving for sweet food

Precautions and side effects

  1. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should not consume it.
  2. It can be consumed when the bleeding stops after delivery.
  3. It should not be consumed in jaundice and kidney failure.
  4. In cases of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure, take it under the supervision of a physician.
  5. Do not overeat it. Excess intake can cause abdominal pain, loose motion, vomiting, acidity.
  6. The amount of intake and the results of eating the medicine are dependent on digestion, age and other factors.

Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule intake method and quantity

  1. Take 2 tablets twice a day, morning and evening.
  2. Take it with water.
  3. Take it after meals.
  4. Take it regularly for 6 months.
  5. Or take as directed by a doctor.
  6. To reduce weight during the intake of this medicine, consume a low calorie diet.
  7. It is also necessary to exercise at least half an hour daily.
  8. Results appear after one and a half months.

Questions related to Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule

Is the use of Himalaya AyurSlim Capsule safe for pregnant women?

There has been no research whatsoever regarding the safety and harmful effects of Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule. Therefore, nothing can be said about this, you should consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Is the use of Himalaya AyurSlim Capsule safe during breastfeeding?

What are the effects of Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule on breastfeeding women. Due to lack of research work, nothing can be said about this. It is necessary to ask a doctor before taking it.

What is the effect of Himalaya AyurSlim Capsule on the stomach?

You can take Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule without any fear. This is for the stomach.

Is the use of Himalaya AyurSlim Capsule safe for children?

Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule is not for pediatrics.

Is the use of Himalaya AyurSlim Capsule safe for alcohol drinkers

Due to lack of complete information, nothing can be said about the side effects of Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule. Taking it only after medical advice will be beneficial.

Does Himalaya AyurSlim Capsule make the body sluggish?

There are no problems such as dizziness or nap after taking Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule. So you can drive a vehicle or even use machinery.

Is the habit of using Himalaya AyurSlim Capsule addictive?

Himalaya Ayur Slim Capsule does not seem to be addictive, but still it is very important to be vigilant before taking it and do seek medical advice on this subject.

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