Jahar Mohra Khatai Bhasma & Pishti Uses Benefits & Side Effects

What is Jahar Mohra Khatai Bhasma & Pishti

Jahar Mohra Khatai Bhasma & Pishti is an Unani medicine that is used by Ayurveda physicians. This drug is made from a stone called Zahra Mohra. This stone is also known as serpentine stone. This stone is white in color and also has green and yellow stains. This stone is very smooth and its density is very low, that is why this stone is very light.

  • Medicine Name: Zahramohra Khatai Bhasma, Zaharmohra Khatai Pishti, Zahra Mohra Pishti, Nagpashan Bhasma, Naga Pashan
  • References: Siddha Yoga Sangrah
  • Availability: It is available online and in stores.
  • Type of medicine: Bhasma and Pishti, a mineral containing medicine
  • Main uses: nuisance due to toxin, stomach disorders, irritation, cholera, diarrhea, rickets, etc.
  • Key Qualities: Antidote, giving strength to heart and mind
  • Dosha Karma (Effects on): balancing Gout and Bile
  • Use during pregnancy: Do not use without doctor’s advice

If we talk about the name of this medicine, then many names of this medicine are popular. This medicine is known as Jahra Mohra Pishti, Jahra Mohra Khatai Pishti, Jahra Mohra Khatai Bhasma, Naga Paashan, Naga Paashan Bhasma, etc. This medicine is described in the Siddha Yoga Sangrah (An Old Indian Ayurvedic Scripture).

This drug is used as an antidote, and that is why the meaning of the name became Jahar Mohra. “Jahar” is called poison in the Hindi language which is India’s National language.

Apart from this, this drug is also used in stomach diseases, stomach irritation, cholera, diarrhea, and rickets in children.

This drug provides strength to the heart and cures discomfort and nervousness in the heart. This drug calms the Bile. The effect of this medicine is neither hot nor cold, so no side effects have been observed by taking this drug.

Basic Information of Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma

Basic Information
Medicine Category Bhasma & Pishti
Dosha Effect VATA, PITTA & KAPHA – Pacifies all
Potential Action Heart Protective
Main Indication Digestive Disorders & High Blood Pressure
Special Organ Effect Heart & Intestines
Safety Profile Possibly Safe
Dosage 125 mg to 250 mg
Best Adjuvant Honey
Shelf Life Old is good
Raw Material Used Shuddha Jahar Mohra (Purified Serpentine)

Jahar Mohra Khatai Pishti Ingredients

  • Jahar Mohra Stone (Serpentine Stone)
  • Cow’s milk or Amla juice

How to make Jahar Mohra Pishti

To make Jahar Mohra Pishti, small pieces of Jahar Mohra stone are cut, and these pieces are washed thoroughly with water to clean the mud and other impurities of it.

After this, grind these stones and make powder and filter. After putting this fine powder in the Kharal (a stone vessel to grind the powder), it gets roasted in rose extract or Chandanadi extract or amla juice. In this way, Jahar Mohra Pishti is prepared.

Chemical Composition of Jahar Mohra (Serpentine)

The mainly Jahar Mohra (Serpentine) is composed of magnesium silicates. In addition to magnesium silicates, it may also contain silicates of iron, aluminum, zinc and manganese.

General formula Serpentine (Mg,Fe,Ni,Al,Zn,Mn)2-3(Si,Al,Fe)2O5(OH)4
Some elements may be missing in above general formula according to the type of serpentine.
Jahar Mohra (Serpentine) has two mainly types:
Main Types Chemical Formula

Medicinal Properties of Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma

Jahar Mohra Pishti and Jahar Mohra Bhasma, both have similar medicinal properties.

  1. Antidiarrheal
  2. Antiemetic
  3. Antacid
  4. Antidote of scorpion stings
  5. Antidote of snake bites
  6. Anti-hypertensive
  7. Antibacterial
  8. Antimicrobial
  9. Digestive Stimulant
  10. Febrifuge

Therapeutic Indications

Jahar Mohra Pishti and Jahar Mohra Bhasma, both are indicated in following diseases and symptoms:

  • Diarrhea in children
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Burning sensation in abdomen and heartburn
  • Liver disorders (rarely used)
  • Restlessness
  • Chronic Fever
  • Cholera
  • High Blood Pressure

Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma Uses

Jahar Mohra Pishti and Bhasma is used in following diseases.

Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma as Antidote

This drug is well-known medicine for the antidote and that is why this drug is named Jahra Mohra. If a person has been bitten by a poisonous animal like snake, scorpion, poisonous wasp, or any other animal or someone is suffering from the toxic effects of any other drug, then this drug is rubbed in water and fed to the patient. In a short time, the patient vomits and the whole poison goes out of the body.

Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma Uses in Infections

This medicine is very good in infectious diseases like cholera, malaria, vomiting, diarrhea etc. All these diseases are caused by dirty water. In this situation, taking this drug with rose water provides good benefits. If patient is suffering from cholera and the condition of the patient has reached a moribund state, then giving this medicine with “mayur piccha bhasma” along with ming juice gives great relief. 

Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma Uses in Smallpox

Jahar Mohra Bhasma & Pishti is also very useful in chicken pox. In this disease, taking this drug with Moti Pishti, Sanga Yashava Bhasma and Kaharwa Pishti with rose extract or Kevda extract is beneficial.

Jahar Mohra Bhasma & Pishti Uses in Rickets

If the child is suffering from rickets and his bones have become very weak, in such a situation this medicine is very useful. In this case, this medicine is given to children by mixing it with manure, small cardamom powder, and honey with Praval Pishti.

Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma Uses in Heart Problems

Consuming Jahar Mohra Pishti provides benefits in heart diseases such as heart palpitations, restlessness, high blood pressure, and headache. In all these problems, giving this medicine with Gulkand provides benefits.

Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma Uses in chronic fever

This drug has proved beneficial in alleviating chronic fever. In fever, Jahar Mohra Pishti is used as an auxiliary medicine along with other medicines.

Dosage & Administration

Dosage Table of Jahar Mohra Pishti & Bhasma
Infants 30 to 125 mg *
Children 60 to 125 mg *
Adults 125 to 250 mg *
Geriatric (Old age) 125 to 250 mg *
Maximum Possible Dosage (per day or in 24 hours) 500 mg (in divided doses)
Twice a day with Honey or water

Precautions & Side Effects

  • If you take this medicine in the prescribed dosage as per the doctor’s advice, then no side effects of this drug have been seen.
  • Taking this medicine in excess can cause problems.
  • Special care should be taken regarding quantity and estimate while taking this medicine.
  • This drug should not be consumed by itself but should be taken only according to the advice of the doctor.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not consume this medicine without doctor’s advice.
  • If there is any kind of allergy or nervousness and discomfort while taking this medicine, immediately stop taking this medicine and contact your doctor.

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