Loha Bhasma (Lauh or Loh Bhasma) Uses Benefits & Side Effects

What is Loha Bhasma (Lauh or Loh Bhasma)

Loha Bhasma (Lauh or Loh Bhasma) is an Ayurvedic medicine that is manufactured by the scriptural method. Loha Bhasma is made by companies like Baidyanath, Dabur, Zandu, and Patanjali. Lauh Bhasma is used in curing many diseases like anemia, general debility, liver enlargement, spleen enlargement, and hiatus hernia, etc. Let us know what are the benefits of using Loh Bhasma and what can be its side effects.

Loha Bhasma (Lauh or Loh Bhasma) is a compound of iron, which can be used to overcome the deficiency of iron in the body. If there is a lack of blood in the body, which is also known as anemia, then consuming this drug is very beneficial.

Due to the deficiency of iron in the body, weakness, metallic disorders, inflammation, and liver problems are eliminated. Apart from this, many diseases like obesity, large intestine disease, leucorrhoea in women, stomach worms, leprosy, jaundice, renewable disease, fever, heart disease, and hemorrhoids, etc. can also be cured. In all these problems, taking Loh Bhasma under the supervision of a qualified doctor is beneficial.

Loh Bhasam is mainly used in diseases related to anemia, jaundice, and anemia. If your diet is not balanced, you do not consume iron-rich foods in your diet, then there may be a lack of iron in your body. As a result, you can suffer from any of the diseases mentioned above. So take special care of your food. Make sure to eat green leafy vegetables, milk, and other iron-rich foods in your diet.

Lauh Bhasam contains ingredients that remove diseases such as anemia due to lack of blood and also strengthen your digestive system. Due to which the liver gets new energy and various stomach related diseases are cured.

As we told you above, Loh Bhasam is a form of iron, and chemically it is an oxide of iron. Loh Bhasma is used in chronic fever, asthma, tuberculosis, semen related diseases, leucorrhoea, etc. It reinforces the “Sapta Dhauts” and increases the number of red blood cells in the blood. For this reason, Loh Bhasma is used in jaundice.

Loh Bhasma Ingredients

Purified iron is processed with herbal juices and then calcined under high temperature to make bhasma or iron ash.

Chemical composition of Lauh Bhasma

Elemental Iron – Fe

Medicinal Properties of Lauh Bhasma

Loha Bhasma has the following healing properties.

  1. Haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels)
  2. Hematogenic (helps in the formation of red blood cells)
  3. Lowers bilirubin
  4. Fat Burner
  5. Digestive Stimulant
  6. Astringent
  7. Emmenagogue

Therapeutic Indications of Lauh Bhasma

Loha Bhasma is useful in the following diseases.

  1. Iron deficiency anemia
  2. General debility
  3. Liver enlargement
  4. Spleen enlargement
  5. Hiatus hernia
  6. Nightfall
  7. Impotency
  8. Weakness due to bleeding disorders

Benefits of Lauh (Loha) Bhasma

Loha Bhasma is a very useful medicine and it is used in various diseases. Following we have given full details of this.

Loha Bhasma (Lauh or Loh Bhasma) Uses in Anemia

The most prominent use of Loh Bhasma is in anemia. Consumption of Loh Bhasma creates new blood in the body and RBCs i.e. red blood corpuscles or cells are reconstructed in the blood.

Because of this, this drug is very beneficial in jaundice. In jaundice RBC & WBC count decreases and the skin color of the patient becomes yellow. Loha bhasma increases the RBC and WBC count in the blood and cures this disease.

Loha Bhasma Uses in Inflammation of the body

Loha bhasma is also useful in inflammation of the body. When RBC count decreases in the blood then sometimes the whole body gets filled with water and the body becomes swollen. In this situation consuming Loha Bhasma is beneficial. By consuming Loha bhasma RBC count increases in the body and excess water of the body excrete in the form of urine. As a result, swelling decreases gradually.

Lauh Bhasma Benefits in Sexual Problems

Loh Bhasma has also proved beneficial in men’s semen related problems. Loh Bhasma improves men’s sexual power, thickens the semen & cures premature ejaculation.

Loha Bhasma Uses in leucorrhoea

Consuming Loh Bhasma is also beneficial in women’s leucorrhoea. Apart from this, Loh Bhasma can also be consumed in uterine inflammation and menstrual disturbances. You should contact your doctor for more information.

Loha Bhasma Side Effects

If Loh Bhasam is consumed as per the consultation of a doctor, then it does not have any side effects. But if its indefinite quantity is consumed, it can cause the following side effects in our body.

  • Constipation
  • Gastric problems
  • Vomiting and other digestive problems
  • Bad taste
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Black stools
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea (rare)

Dosage & Directions

Loha bhasma dosage varies from 15 mg to 250 mg twice a day depending on age, health condition, and the bodyweight of the patient. The maximum dosage of Lauh Bhasma should not exceed 500 mg per day.

Infants (Below 12 Months) Might not be suitable
Children 2 mg per body weight
Adults 125 mg (can be between 125 – 250 mg)
Pregnancy Might not be suitable *
Lactation Might not be suitable *

* In cases of pregnancy and lactation, Loha bhasma should not be used as a single medicine. There are many better alternatives available in Ayurveda.

How to Take

Medication Frequency Twice Daily
Medication Timings Best after meal


The best suitable Adjuvants for Loha bhasma are as follows:

  1. Pippali Churna
  2. Butter and Misri
  3. Triphala Churna
  4. Chyawanprash

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