Kukkutandatvak Bhasma Uses Benefits & Side Effects

What is Kukkutandatvak Bhasma? 

Kukkutandtvak Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine prepared from the shells of hen’s eggs. In Sanskrit the hen is called “Kukkut” and the hen’s egg shells are called the “Tvak”. In this way, the meaning of this medicine name is the shells of hen’s egg.

The hen’s eggshells contain a high amount of calcium carbonate, so this medicine contains a high amount of calcium. This is the reason, this drug is used in patients with weak bones.

Apart from this, taking this medicine improves the density of bones, helps in menstrual problems of women, leucorrhoea. This drug is beneficial in urinary infections and patients who have frequent urination. In this situation, this medicine is given with Chandraprabha Vati. It is a semen enhancer as well as a metal enhancer. Consuming this medicine sperm count also increases

Ingredients of Kukkutandatvak Bhasma 

  • Hen’s eggshell
  • Changeri plant juice

Method of manufacture of Kukkutandatvak Bhasma

  • To make this medicine, first eggshells are taken and crushed into powder. 
  • After this, these peels are kept in a big clay pot, and in this pot, the juice of the changeri plant is filled so that all the peels are immersed in this juice.
  • After this, close the mouth of this clay pot and so that air cannot enter this vessel.
  • After this, we make the ash of it. After it cools down, open the vessel to see if it has been consumed.
  • By adding the juice of the Changeri plant, the medicines and toxins found in the eggshells are destroyed and the ash becomes fit to use.

Chemical Organization of Kukkutandatvak Bhasma

This drug contains 95% calcium carbonate and 5% calcium phosphate magnesium carbonate and soluble and insoluble protein.

Medical uses of Kukkutandtvak Bhasma

  • This drug is a very good source of calcium. Consuming this improves bone density and strengthens bones.
  • It is beneficial in women’s leucorrhoea.
  • It is beneficial in the menstrual disturbances and irregularities of women.
  • Beneficial in urinary infection
  • It is beneficial in joint pain and physical strength.
  • It is a sexual power enhancer.
  • It is a medicine to increase sperm count. 
  • It thickens the semen.

Benefits of Kukkutandatvak Bhasma 

Consuming this medicine gives the following benefits.

Beneficial in calcium deficiency

This medicine is useful in calcium deficiency. By taking this drug, the density of bones increases, which makes bones strong and it also strengthens teeth.

People who have fractured bone and have joint pain, they get benefit by consuming this drug. This drug is beneficial in diseases like osteoporosis, fracture, osteoarthritis, pain in bones and arthritis.

Useful in gynecology

This medicine is beneficial in leucorrhoea which is a very common disease of women. In this disease, white-colored sticky substance comes out from the vagina of women, due to which the women gradually become weak. If this disease is not treated in time, then the beauty of women is destroyed.

Beneficial in masculine weakness

This drug is beneficial in men’s masculine weakness such as thinning of semen, nightfall, impotency and premature ejaculation. Men, whose semen has become diluted like water, get very good benefits by taking this drug as an auxiliary medicine along with main medicines.

Useful in urine infection

This drug is very useful in urinary infections of both women and men. People who have frequent urination, urine blocking, they get very good benefits by taking this drug with Chandra Prabha Vati. 

Useful in the diseases of hair

As we told you above, in addition to calcium carbonate, protein is also present in this bhasma, so it is very good for hair problems like baldness, hair loss, and untimely white hair.


Minimum Effective Dosage 125 mg *
Moderate dosage (Adults) 125 mg to 500 mg *
Moderate dosage (Children) 125 mg to 250 mg *
Maximum Possible Dosage 1000 mg **

Twice a day ** Thrice a day

Precautions & Side Effects

Generally, there is no side effect of this drug but still doesn’t use this medicine without the advice of a doctor. This drug should be kept out of the reach of children. Due to having calcium, this drug should be consumed for a maximum period of 3 months to 6 months. This medicine should not be taken during pregnancy without the advice of a doctor.

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