Olive Oil Uses and Benefits Proven by Experts

Olive oil is considered to be a very famous and beneficial oil. You must also have heard the name of olive oil. It is called olive oil in English.

Olive oil is extracted from the fruits on olive oil. Just as mustard oil is extracted from mustard, in the same way olive oil is extracted from olive fruits. Olive oil is very easy to extract and this oil is also available in the market in the name of olive oil.

Types of olive oil

Olive oil is of the following type.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Refined olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive oil is considered 100% pure. This oil has a very low bowling point. This oil is considered very good for cooking.

Virgin olive oil

This oil is harder than extra virgin olive oil and has a higher bowling point. This is why vegetables can be made in virgin olive oil.

Refined olive oil

Refined olive oil is much cheaper than virgin and extra virgin olive oil, and most of the olive oil is used for home cooking. Compared to extra virgin olive oil, it contains much less other nutrients.

Olive Oil Uses

Olive oil is very much beneficial for our body. Below we have described in detail the benefits of olive oil.

Monu is rich in unsaturated fat, olive oil

Olive oil is especially rich in extra virgin olive oil mono unsaturated fats. Olive oil is extracted from the fruit that grows on the olive tree. Olive oil has 14% saturated fat while 11% polyunsaturated fat. [1]

Polyunsaturated fat contains omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which are very beneficial for our health.

Of the fatty acids that are mainly present in olive oil, oleic acid is the main form of mono unsaturated fat. Olive oil contains about 73% of folic acid.

It has been clear from various scientific studies that olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, that is, it removes inflammation and also gives a lot of relief in problems related to cancer.  [2] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ]

Extra virgin olive oil contains mono unsaturated fats that can tolerate even higher temperatures. This is the reason that extra virgin olive oil is considered a great choice for cooking.

Olive oil contains sufficient amount of anti-oxidants.

There is no shortage of nutrients in olive oil. Along with fatty acids, olive oil contains a good amount of vitamin E and vitamin K. In addition, olive oil is considered an excellent source of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are abundant in olive oil. Antioxidants are very beneficial for better health of our body and are helpful in curing chronic and serious diseases. [ 6 ]

The antioxidants in olive oil removes inflammation of our body and also helps in reducing the cholesterol in the blood.

Antioxidants also inhibit the oxidation of cholesterol, reducing the risk of hot-related problems. [ 7 , 8 ]

Olive oil is rich in antiinflammatory properties

You will be surprised to know that cancer, heart disease, type two diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, obesity, and metabolic syndrome are all caused by chronic inflammation.

Extra virgin olive oil has inflammation-reducing properties, due to which it removes chronic inflammation very quickly. This is why extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial for our health.

The main reason for its antiinflammatory properties are the anti-oxidants present in it. Antioxidants are helpful in removing inflammation very quickly. Olive oil contains an anti-oxidant called oleocanthal which acts exactly like eyebrows and removes inflammation.

Various scientific studies have proven that the oleocanthal antioxidant ibuprofen present in 50 grams of olive oil has an equivalent effect of 10% of the adult dose. [9]

Some other research has also clarified that folic acid as the main fatty acid in olive oil is helpful in reducing inflammation-causing C reactive protein (CRP). [ 10 , 11 ]

Beneficial olive oil in strokes and cardiovascular diseases

The main cause of stroke is blood coagulation or rupture of the vein of the brain. In most cases, stroke is considered the biggest cause of death.

Recently, a study was conducted on about 8 lakh people and it was found that the main source of mono unsaturated fat in their body was olive oil, which significantly reduced the risk of stroke and heart diseases in these people. [ 12 ]

Another study found that people who consumed more olive oil had a lower risk of stroke and heart disease than others. [13]

It is beneficial in curing heart diseases and olive oil

Heart disease is considered the biggest cause of death in the whole world. A few years ago, a study was done on the people of the Mediterranean and it was found that heart diseases are very less among the people of this region.

On this basis, studies were done on the food of these people and it was seen that the people of the Mediterranean eat more, due to which they get very less heart disease. [ 14 , 15 ]

On study, it was found that these people use extra virgin olive oil, due to which these people do not have any type of heart disease. [ 16 ]

Olive oil (LDL) means that it removes bad cholesterol and is helpful in making HDL ie good cholesterol. Blood clots are not known by taking olive oil and the blood remains very thin due to which the problem of heart disease is greatly reduced. [ 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , 21 , 22 ]

Along with all these, olive oil is also helpful in keeping blood pressure low, as high blood pressure is the main cause of heart attack. Consuming extra virgin olive oil reduces blood pressure by up to 48%, which reduces the risk of heart diseases to a great extent.

If someone in your household has heart disease, then you must include extra virgin olive oil in your diet.

It is helpful in reducing obesity and weight

The main reason for gaining weight or becoming fat is the accumulation of excess fat in our body. If we consume more saturated fat in our food, then surely our weight will also increase and we will also become obese.

Another study done on Mediterranean people also revealed that these people also have very little weight and these people are thin skinny. [ 23 ]

A study was done for almost two and a half years and it was found that people who consumed extra virgin olive oil did not get any significant increase in their weight, nor did they become obese. [ 24 ]

Apart from this, another study was conducted on 187 people for 3 years, in which it was found that people who were given olive oil-rich food were found to have a sufficient amount of antioxidants in their body and were also found to be underweight. [ 25 ]

All these studies lead to the conclusion that olive oil is helpful in preventing weight gain and obesity.

Olive oil is helpful in alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease related to the nervous system. The cause of this disease is believed to be the formation of son flakes in brain cells. A study conducted over mice found that olive oil inhibits the formation of intakes. [ 26 ]

A similar study was also done on humans and it was found that, by consuming oil, the formation of such cell in the brain stops and the brain functions well, which gives a very good relief in Alzheimer’s disease. is . [ 27 ]

Olive oil beneficial in eliminating type two diabetes

Olive oil is very beneficial for the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that olive oil plays a very good role in keeping blood glucose levels low and maintaining normal insulin levels. [ 28 , 29 ]

Recently a study was done on upwards of 418 people. All these people were given food containing olive oil. Later it was found that the risk of type two diabetes in these people was reduced by 40%. [ 30 ]

Olive oil is helpful in removing cancer

People die the most from cancer in the world after heart diseases and strokes. While one study found that people living in Mediterranean countries have a very low risk of cancer.

After conducting the study, it was found out that these people consume a significant amount of olive oil, due to which the risk of cancer in these people was reduced to a great extent. [ 31 ]

Olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants which removes inflammation and is helpful in eliminating cancer. [ 32 , 33 ]

Olive oil is helpful in curing rheumatoid arthritis

Olive oil has rheumatoid arthritis ie arthritis-relieving properties. As we told you above, olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it also gives very good benefit in arthritis bye.

In one study, it was found that olive oil and fish oil, if used together, are very beneficial in joint pain, because fish oil contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids which can cause pain and inflammation. Are helpful in removing [ 34 , 35 ]

Olive oil is rich in antibacterial properties

Olive oil is not only rich in various nutrients, it also destroys bacteria harmful to our body. There is a bacterium named Helicobacter pylori in our stomach which is responsible for stomach ulcers and cancer.

In one study, it was found that if 30 grams of olive oil is consumed daily, Helicobacter pylori bacteria is destroyed and diseases caused by it also start to be overcome gradually. [ 36 ]

Olive Oil Price Olive Oil Price

Olive oil prices range from 400 / – per liter to 1000 / – per liter. It depends on the quality of the oil.


Extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial for your health. It is expensive but not more than your health. If you keep using olive oil in small amounts or once or twice a week, it will keep you absolutely healthy. But keep in mind, use only good quality and extra virgin olive oil.

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