Shukramatrika Vati Uses Benefits Side Effects & Price

What is Shukramatrika Vati?

Shukramatrika Vati is an ayurvedic medicine, which is a successful medicine for menstrual and semen diseases. The lost power of men is regained by taking this medicine. This drug has a very good effect on the digestive system in addition to menstrual effect. The reason for this is that this medicine contains Harad, Behera, Amla, Coriander, Cumin, and many other herbs which are beneficial for our digestive system. This drug illuminates gastritis, destroys the mild fever that lives in the body, and makes a man completely healthy. This drug thickens semen and also improves sperm count and quality. This drug shows positive effects on semen ducts and kidneys. For your convenience, we have given Online Link to buy Shukramatrika Bati below. By purchasing this medicine from this link, you will get a discount of up to 15% and will also get the facility of free delivery. In this way, you can buy this medicine at a lower price than the market. Buy this medicine now from the link given below. To order Baidyanath Shukramatrika Bati now go to this link and ask for the medicine at home. Product Link: Baidyanath Shukramatrika Bati 40 Tablets

Shukramatrika vati components

  • Pure Mercury – 40 grams
  • Pure Sulfur – 40 grams
  • Asbestos Bhasma – 40 grams
  • Lohbhasam – 40 grams
  • Small cardamom seeds – 20 grams
  • Gokhru – 20 grams
  • Harad – 20 grams
  • Baheda – 20 grams
  • Amla – 20 grams
  • Tejapat – 20 grams
  • Rasaut – 20 grams
  • Coriander – 20 grams
  • Chavya – 20 grams
  • Cumin seeds – 20 grams
  • Tali Patra – 20 grams
  • Sohage puffed – 20 grams
  • Sweet Pomegranate – 20 grams
  • Pure Guggulu – 10 grams

How to make Shukramatrika Vati

  1. To make this medicine, first of all, put pure sulfur and pure mercury in stone’s mortar and dissolve it well and make kajjali.
  2. Grind all other herbs separately and put the mixture in the kajjali after filtering.
  3. Mix and spin this mixture with pomegranate juice or bunions.
  4. Make 125-milligram tablets at the end.

Benefits of Shukramatrika Vati

This drug is very useful in diseases related to semen vascular system and kidneys. Here we have described the benefits of this medicine.

Shukramatrika Vati benefits for Night Fall

Those youths who have done a lot of masturbation, anal sex, or unnatural sex due to childhood mistakes and have destroyed themselves.  Whose semen has become diluted like water and suffers nightfall 3 to 4 times a week, they should use this medicine for better results. Chandraprabha Vati should also be taken as an auxiliary medicine with this medicine. One important thing that should be kept in mind by the patients of the nightfall problem is, that the patients should keep their stomach and mind absolutely clean. If the nightfall patient would have a constipation problem then stomach gas will be the main reason for nightfall. If sensual and dirty thoughts keep coming in the mind, the medicine will not be able to do its right function.

Shukramatrika Vati benefits for premature ejaculation

Due to excessive female intercouse, increasing age, mental fatigue or any other reason sometimes men undergoes with the problem of premature ejaculation. In this situation take 1 tablet of  Shukramatrika tablet in the morning and evening with milk will resolve the problem. In this disease, taking one tablet of Kam Chudamani Ras, one tablet of Himalaya Confido and one tablet of Charak Neo with milk in the morning and evening is very beneficial. If the penis has become loose and the penis does not get tension properly, then in such a situation, oil of good company such as Hamdard Almas Oil or Dynamol Oil can be used.

Shukramatrika Vati benefits in impotency

If impotence is not congenital then its treatment is possible. If a situation of impotence has occurred due to excessive masturbation, anal sex, unnatural sex, then in such a condition, taking one tablet of Shukramatrika Vati is beneficial.

Shukramatrika Vati benefits in urinary infections

This drug also cures infections related to the urinary system and kidneys. If there are stones in the kidneys or urinary pipe, then, in this case, this drug is beneficial. This drug has a special effect on the Vata duct and urinary system. It removes the weakness of these organs and provides strength to them.

Shukramatrika Vati other uses

  1. This drug thickens semen.
  2. It increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood and increases the number of blood cells.
  3. It is helpful in removing the disease caused due to Vata and bile.
  4. It has a positive effect on the brain, which increases the morale of the person, relieves stress, and also makes you sleep well at night.
  5. This drug provides very good benefits in urinary tract infections such as the burning sensation of urine.

Shukramatrika Vati dosage and directions

One tablet of this drug can be taken in the morning and evening after meals with pomegranate juice, goat milk, or water. You can contact your doctor for more information.

Shukramatrika Vati Precautions and side effects

  • This drug should be taken only under the advice and supervision of a qualified doctor.
  • In sex-related problems, it is absolutely necessary to take special care of food and diet while taking this medicine, otherwise the full benefit of this medicine will not be availed by you.
  • The patient should stay away from sexy and dirty thoughts, porn books, or porn videos.
  • If constipation is the problem, Panchasakar Churna or Triphala powder can be consumed.
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Product Link: Baidyanath Shukramatrika Bati 40 Tablets

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