9 things to eat to increase height – how to increase weight with proper diet plan

The height of some people does not increase due to various reasons and even after attaining puberty, their height is same as that of small children. Because of which such people are full of frustration and self-aggression.

The absence of height depends on many reasons, one of which may be genetic. Children in the family whose parents or other elderly people are of small height are also born mostly of small size.

But it is not at all the case that parents whose height is small, their children are also small, this has been seen in only a few cases. Whereas in some other cases it has been observed that children whose parents were less than 5 feet height were more than 6 feet height. Thus, heredity may or may not affect the height.

Another important question is whether heights can increase after 18 years or not? To know the answer to this question, if you read this entire article till the end, you will get complete information.

Apart from genetic reasons, your living and eating habits are also responsible for your height. Youths who fall in the wrong company in childhood and masturbate excessively are also less likely to have height, because the semen and other hormones formed in puberty are responsible for your good stature. Therefore, adopt good habits and take special care of food and drink.

If you or your children are of increasing age, then in such a situation, you should take care of your children’s food now and make a Diet Plan for Height Growth , so that their height is very good in the coming time. Ho .

Below we have explained what to eat and what not to eat for the children of old age. But before that, you know what you should take care of to increase the height of your children.

Things to keep in mind to increase height

It is no magic to increase height so that you can achieve good height overnight. For this it is very important to take moderate life and proper diet. To increase the height, it is very important to keep the following points in mind.

Take special care of nutritious food

If you are concious to increase your height, then you will have to consume more of the foods in your diet that contain sufficient amount of protein.

Apart from protein, calcium and vitamins should also be in sufficient quantity in your diet, because by consuming calcium, bones will be strengthened which helps in good height.

Get used to eating again and again

If your children keep eating something repeatedly during the day, do not stop them, because the number of times your children eat it helps in accelerating the hormones produced in their body. Repeatedly eating a little bit does not increase weight and you or your children also get a post diet.

It is important to sleep deeply

Various scientific researches have found that when a person is in deep sleep, new cells and tissues are formed in his body very fast. Therefore, it is very important to get sufficient amount of deep sleep. This not only improves your health, but is also very important for a good height. At least 8 to 10 hours of sleep should be taken at night.

Get used to exercising

If you take care of food only, then this food will start accumulating in your body as excess fat and you will not get the right benefit from it. So do at least 45 minutes of exercise a day. For this, you can join a gym or exercise at home by exercising. But keep in mind that exercising is very important to get a good height.

Do not consume more medicines

If you take too many medicines, then hormones in your body will be affected. In some cases, people who used to take more medicines during adolescence or childhood were found to have weak bones and their height did not grow as much as it should have.

Hang daily

Hanging is also very beneficial for increasing height. For this, you hang an iron rod in your house in such a way that you can hold it and hang it. On this road, you hang for 2 to 3 minutes as many times in the day as you get time. Do this experiment daily, it is a very good experiment and it is helpful in increasing the height.

What to Eat to Increase Height (Home Remedy) Diet Plan for Height Growth in Hindi

Now we tell you about the diet plan to increase the height. You must include these foods in your food, if you want to increase your height.

Consume milk and curd for height increase

You probably know that milk is considered a complete food because almost all the nutrients are present in the milk. By consuming milk, deficiency of protein, calcium, vitamins and other mineral elements in your body is completed.

There is more calcium in curd than milk. If your child is in his old age, feed him curd in addition to milk. Many times children are reluctant to drink milk and do not like to drink milk. In such a situation, do not force the children. You can give them to eat curd, drink yogurt lassi, add salt or sugar to the curd according to the taste of the child.

If you get a homemade whey, also known as lassi, it is very good. Because whey is also rich in calcium. Calcium is very important for bone strength and bone growth. Growth has been seen in the growth of children whose bones are weak in childhood. So take special care of milk, curd and buttermilk in your diet.

Consume pulses for height increase

Pulses and beans contain sufficient amount of protein and protein has been considered very important for increasing height. You should regularly consume different types of pulses, soybeans, black gram, cowpea, kabuli gram, soybean seeds etc. in your food. In addition to protein, fiber and other mineral salts are present.

Eat meat and fish to increase length. Counsume Fish and Chicken for Height Increase

Meats and fish are considered very good for increasing height in growing age. In addition to protein, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D are present in plenty in fish. It has been clear from various scientific researches and researches that taking omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D in increasing age leads to very rapid growth in the height. So feed your children plenty of fish.


On the other hand, vitamin b12 is found in meat, especially in chicken and vitamin b12 acts as a catalyst to increase the length. Therefore, both fish and chicken must be eaten in increasing age to increase height.

Eat almond for height increase for height

Various types of vitamins and mineral salts are abundant in Badam. It contains manganese, magnesium and vitamin E. For your children in growing age, you can make Badam, Cashew nut, walnuts and all the four Magazs and make laddoos of these. These post-ladoos will be very beneficial for the good growth of your children in their growing age.

Eat yogurt to increase length

In old age, it is very good to consume yogurt to increase height. 200 grams of yogurt contains about 20 grams of protein. You can eat yogurt in your breakfast every day. Yogurt also contains bacteria called probiotics which are beneficial for your intestines. Eating yogurt strengthens bones because calcium is present in it in plenty.

Eat Quinoa for height increase in height

Kavinova looks like coriander in appearance but it is a type of seed that contains a lot of protein. In addition, Kavinova contains no amino acids. Kavinoba contains magnesium and other minerals that strengthen bones. Bone mineral density of bones is greatly increased by the consumption of quinoa.

Eat berries for height growth in Hindi

As you grow older, feed your children more and more blueberries, strawberries or blackberries. Because vitamin C is present in sufficient quantity in them. Vitamin C acts as an absorbent in our body.

You will be surprised to know that Vitamin C helps in the synthesis of collagen present in our body. Collagen is a type of protein that is necessary for the growth of our body, besides collagen also helps in increasing the density of bones.

Eat ragi to increase height

Raagi is considered a very good option for increasing height. Ragi is considered a very good source of calcium. A hundred grams of ragi contain 344 milligrams of calcium. By consuming ragi, bones are strengthened and the body develops very fast.

Make your children consume ragi more and more in old age. Ragi is like flour, you can also use it by mixing it with wheat flour or you can make its dosa.

Consume Ashwagandha for height growth in Hindi

Ashwagandha is such an ayurvedic medicine that is beneficial in men’s sex problems as well as in physical development. Consuming ashwagandha strengthens bones and leads to rapid physical growth. You should contact your doctor before consuming Ashwagandha.

Many people want to know if they can grow in stature after 18 years. This question cannot be answered yes or no. It depends on whether the hormones that affect the height are active in your body. But still you must follow all the things mentioned above, you will get positive effect.

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