Kokum is a cooling fruit in summer – know its advantages and disadvantages

Kokum is a type of succulent fruit grown mainly in Gujarat and Goa. The effect of this fruit is cold. Consuming this fruit calms down body heat and cools the body. In summer, these fruits are also used for making syrup. This fruit is dried and used in offerings.

Kokum has also been used as a medicine and a spice. The scientific name of the Kokum fruit is Garcinia indica . On one hand, this fruit protects us from heat and on the other hand it is also used in curing many types of diseases. So let’s know about the Kokum fruit.

General information of Kokum fruit

Kokum fruit is mainly grown in Gujarat and Goa. Kokum trees are quite large in size and their leaves are about three to three inches long, dark in color. Kokum fruit is orange and red in color and this fruit is round in shape like peach. Kokum fruit is also called copper.

When and how much to eat Kokum fruit

Taking this fruit mostly in breakfast in the morning is more beneficial. Due to this, freshness will remain in your body throughout the day and you will be protected from heat. Apart from this, you can drink this fruit by taking juice or making syrup in the afternoon. Where as it will protect you from heat, it will also relieve your stomach problems. You can take this fruit even after eating it.

You should eat only two or three fruits throughout the day, because eating more fruits than this will not give you any special benefit. There is no exact information about the prescribed quantity of this fruit, so it would be right to consume two or three fruits throughout the day.

Medicinal properties of Kakem

Kokum has the following medicinal properties.

  • This fruit is sour and sweet in taste and its effect is cold.
  • This fruit removes body heat and cools the body.
  • Consumption of Kokum increases the phlegm and bile in the body, so this fruit should not be consumed in excess.
  • Ripe Kokum fruit should be consumed only, as it prevents diarrhea and corrects digestion.
  • The taste of Kokum is pungent, astringent and sour sweet.

Kokum Fruits Uses

  • Kokum fruit is used in various ways. Because this fruit is sour and sweet, this fruit is used like amchur, tamarind to bring sourness in pulses and vegetables during cooking. It is used in various ways by making chaat, sherbet or juice of Kokum fruits.
  • During the summer season, the kokum fruits are cut and dried and it is kept safe and these dried fruits are used by soaking them in water when needed.
  • Kokum fruit is also dried and mixed with prasad and eaten. Wax-like and white colored oil is produced from the seeds of Kokum, this oil is used for medicinal purposes.
  • Applying this oil on the skin and hot spots is very beneficial. Kokum oil is also used in making various types of ointment.

Benefits of Kokum Kokum Benefits in Hindi

Kokum is used in various diseases and health problems. Here we have described in detail about the benefits of Kokum.

Beneficial kokum in diarrhea

Eating cooked kokum provides relief in diarrhea. Diarrhea is a disease in which a person suffers from thin stools and stomach pain and gas persists. Kokum has anti-diarrheal properties and it relieves diarrhea as well as abdominal pain.

Kokum beneficial in relieving burning sensation of hands and feet

If a person has burning sensation in the hands and feet, in such a situation, consuming kokum fruit gives very good benefits. The effect of Kokum fruit is cold and this fruit removes the heat of blood, which provides relief in burning sensation of hands and feet. Heat the oil of Kokum seeds a little and apply it on the soles of hands and feet, it also provides relief in burning sensation.

Beneficial kokam in chest irritation

People who do not eat or drink and digest only after a little burning sensation in the chest or those who have problems of chest irritation due to enlarged bile, should make kokum fruit syrup and drink it twice a day.

This increases pitta and calms the burning sensation of the chest. A little sugar must be added to the Kokum syrup, but keep in mind that if you take Kokum in high quantity, it can also increase your bile, so this fruit should be consumed only in small quantities.

Kokum beneficial in bloody piles

Taking kokum in bloody piles provides very good benefit. Mixing 5 grams of curd in the powder of Kokum provides relief to the patient of piles by taking it two to three times a day.


If a person has a problem of hives, then consuming kokum is beneficial. Kokum can be consumed as fruit or syrup.

Beneficial Kokum in injury or wound

If a person has suffered an injury and there is a wound on the skin, then applying oil of Kokum seeds on the place of injury is beneficial.

Kokum beneficial for digestive system

Consuming kokum helps reduce inflammation of the intestines. Fiber is present in sufficient quantity in this fruit, due to which this fruit removes indigestion, indigestion and gastrointestinal problems. It provides very good relief in problems of diarrhea, diarrhea, stomach gas and irritable bowel syndrome.

If a person has all these problems, he can eat it by making chaat after adding black pepper and salt on the fruit of Kokum twice a day.

Kokum beneficial in skin diseases

Kokum has anti-oxidant properties due to which it helps in destroying the free radicals present in our body. Consuming this fruit provides relief in wrinkles and dryness in the face. Applying the oil of Kokum seeds on the skin provides great benefits. Applying kokum oil in torn ankles also provides quick relief.

Beneficial in hair problems

As we told you that Kokum contains anti-oxidant good, due to which the consumption of Kokum provides relief very quickly in problems like hair dryness, fall, breakage.

In hair problems, eat this fruit in breakfast or make syrup of this fruit and consume it daily. Apart from this, it can also be used as a shampoo by making dried kokum powder.

Kokum helpful in increasing immunity

Kokam has the properties of enhancing the immunity power of a person. Various scientific research and studies have found that Kokum has antibacterial and antiviral properties, due to which it increases the body’s immunity and protects the body from minor diseases and infections.

Kokam beneficial in heart diseases

Kokam is very beneficial for our heart. By taking it, the blood remains thin and it is easy for the heart to pump blood, due to which it is beneficial in problems like heart attack.

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Disadvantages and side effects of Kokum

Normally consuming kokum does not cause any side effects, as it is a common fruit. But if you take this fruit in excess then you may have problems with bile. Apart from this, if you are suffering from any serious disease, then you should not consume this fruit without the advice of a doctor.

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